CAS Software GmbH collaborate with PTV in the provision of digital route planning software and data. Multilingual including English and Czech. s.prop31 = "";// site_id -> picked up by prop62 A long-established 1:200,000 scale series mapping natural regions onto a topographic base is also still available. ADAC AutoAtlas : Deutschland Europa 2001/2002. Legend in German, English, French, and Italian. Dez. getTimes: function(opts) { }; Includes bibliographical references (p. 214-222). Index map and map of Germany on lining papers. Two-sheet 1:1,000,000 scale solid geological coverage has been regularly revised; the latest (1993) edition covers the whole of the united Germany and is also available as digital data. s.prop10 = "Project One"; The BfKG 1:500,000 Übersichtskarte (ÜK 500) uses the Lambert conformal conic projection and is published in four large-format sheets in conjunction with the AMILGeo. Includes index map, 34 city maps and indexes. More recent mapping has used digital techniques, including 1:50,000 scale water conservation maps and seven-color water quality mapping at 1:300,000. Česko - autoatlas KARTOGRAFIE PRAHA EAN / ISBN: 9788073934583 Preis: EUR 24.90 Produkt : EUR: Anzahl: Bestellen: Tschechien - Straßenatlas 1:100.000 (Spiralo - A4) Česko - autoatlas KARTOGRAFIE PRAHA: 24.90 Versandkostenfrei in Deutschland: incl. 1:500,000 single sheet coverage of the state is published for general geology, quaternary deposits and soil. The Landesumweltamt Nordrhein-Westfalen (LUANR-W) has been in operation since 1994 and brings together a wide variety of environmental functions formerly carried out by different state agencies. Wenninger GmbH is a commercial GIS vendor concentrating upon the Bavarian market. German. GEODATA markets a range of digital map data, and GIS products. Like other Eastern Länder, Sachsen is covered in a mix of preunification, amended eastern maps and entirely new products. legacyTracking.prop8 = "[Scrub] - Specific Point in " + mediaType + " Clip"; "Alle Stadtpläne"--Cover. /* Query String */ Abteilung V- Vermessungswesen of the Senatsverwaltung fϋr Bauen Wohnen und Verkehr (SfBWV) carries out surveying and mapping of Berlin. "Blatteinteilung der zufahrtskarten." The Akademie fϋr Raumforschung und Landesplanung (AfRL) carried out a number of thematic mapping projects between 1960 and 1982 including the publication of a multi-volume regional planning atlas, with volumes for the different western Länder. Ruhrgebiet : Recklinghausen, Gelsenkirchen, Bottrop, Herne, Dortmund, Moers, Oberhausen, Essen, Bochum, Krefeld, Duisburg, Mülheim, Hagen /. * @return {currentPosition} number break; */ Legend in German, English, French, and Italian. opts = opts || {}; Cadastral data from BLVA in the Digital Flurkarte is made available from a central internet hub, in a collaboration with commercial vendor Wenninger GmbH. German. Includes index, index maps, maps of Europe at 1:4,000,000 scale, and 12 German city maps. "Alle Stadtpläne von 431 Städten und Gemeinden"--Cover. Legend in German, English, and French. } player.addEventListener('complete', function(event) {handleMediaEvent(event, eventData)}, this); Accompanying material on shelf. Their range includes a series of 34 1:300,000 scale operations maps. Includes index. "33 Städte und Gemeinden im Grossraum Köln/Bonn, von Leverkusen bis Gad Honnef, von Bergheim bis Overath. This is the first geoscientific map at this scale, more digital themes are planned and a hydrogeological map has already been published. if (getMediaPosition(player) > 0) { Sicheres & geprüftes Online-Shopping bei! // hasOwnProperty does not work because properties are window : {}); Amongst the thematic mapping of the city is a traffic map of the city center, a seven-sheet land use planning series, as well as single-sheet coverage of major roads and nature conservation sites. * @param {playerObject} player /* Advanced Search display level */ case 'subject! trackFileDownloadEvent: function(){}, Hrsg. break; if (value == 'true') { Hodnocení produktu: 0%. /* Partof Title */ Deutsche Bahn in Mainz publishes a wide range of maps of the German railway network. DTM data coverage from 1:25,000 source material was completed for the whole state in 1997. The 1:25,000 scale map (TK 25) started as a basic scale series in the former Federal Republic and shows relief with 10 m contours. s.prop48 += 'Facet[AccessRestricted]-('+value+') '; There is a greater diversity amongst the products of the 16 state earth science mapping agencies, with less central control over specifications. } A special single 1:100,000 scale map is regularly revised and the state is covered in a 1:250,000 scale image map compiled jointly with LVAR-P. Raster data for the whole state is available at 1:25,000, 1:50,000 and 1:100,000 scales and a digital relief model (DGM5), derived from the Grundkarte, is well advanced. The 72 sheet 1:50,000 soil map was completed in 1995 and all sheets are also available in digital form. Condition: Gut. s.prop26 = "";// online format In the five eastern states basic scale mapping is published by the state survey offices at 1:10,000. case 'site! oder Deutschland Übersichtskarte 1:1 000 000, 78 cm x 102 cm, gefaltet Erhältlich im Buchhandel oder in unserem Kartenshop. Includes index. break; case 'mediaElement': { if (api.firstPaint === undefined) { Includes bibliographical references. Single-sheet 1:100,000 hydrogeological mapping is published for four themes and a hydrological map of Saarland is also published. Where complete, as in Niedersachsen, this is used as a base for the compilation of other derived series. if (typeof module !== 'undefined' && module.exports) { Landesvermessungsamt Sachsen (LVASa) publishes topographic and cadastral mapping of the State and also issues other thematic mapping. The most extensive mapping is published at 1:25,000. Subscribe to receive occasional informational e-mails. ': Vojenský kartografický ústav mapy. player: player, case 'seeking': The statistical agency Landesamt fϋr Datenverarbeitung und Statistik Nordrhein-Westfalen (LDSNR-W) has published administrative and thematic mapping. break; SfBWV collaborates with its surrounding state surveying authority the Landesvermessungsamt Brandenburg in the provision of other mapping of the city. The Normalausgabe is available flat or folded for the whole of Western Germany. Pilot Autoatlas : Deutschland/Europa : Gesamtdeuschland 1:300.000, Ballungsraumkarten Alpenländer 1:400.00, viele Stadtpläne / Pilot Autoatlas, Deutschland/Europa, 93/94 "Aktuell 93/94"--Cover. Geographic coverage complete in 37 maps. // api.firstPaintTime = mozFirstPaintTime - window.performance.timing.navigationStart; if (opts && !opts.simple) { player.addEventListener('play', function(event) {handleMediaEvent(event, eventData)}, this); Legend in German, English, French, and Italian. Includes index. Geological mapping at this scale is more widely dispersed than 1:25,000 soil coverage which focuses upon southwestern areas of Rheinland-Pfalz adjoining the Rhine valley. Rev. var eventData = { 'video' : 'audio'; Ich suche etwas in der Aufmachung des allseits beliebten ADAC-Autoatlas, nur eben mit sämtlichen Fahrradwegen und am besten als Ringbuch. Other new mapping includes an eight-sheet 1:200,000 quaternary series, completed for half of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and small scale coverage of the state published as single sheets for quaternary deposits, solid geology and soil. * @param Object opts Options (simple (bool) - opts out of full data view) Since 1937 data have been collected in Western Germany for publication of a basic scale map at 1:5,000. The Abteilung Naturschutz in Hannover maintains 1:50,000 programs for the whole of Lower Saxony to show specially protected environments and habitats in the state. Amongst its larger scale programs are a 1:5,000 scale digital orthophoto map derived from 1:15,000 scale aerial coverage which was completed in 1998. case 'original format': Deutschland-Autoatlas-1-100000 und verwandte Produkte bei switch(player.type) { 1:5000 mapping is available as conventional Grundkarte and as an orthophoto map series. Dieser Artikel wird speziell für Sie bestellt. s.prop21 = 'Search Maps'; } Its responsibilities include the remapping of eastern areas of the city and the maintenance of an impressive range of hard copy and digital plans with current scales at 1:1,000, 1:5,000, 1:10,000 and 1:50,000. s.prop48 += 'Facet[ContributorsExcluded]-('+value+') ';; Post und Ortsbuchverlag Mϋller produces the most useful place name listing in Germany, the annually revised Mϋllers Grosses Deutsches Ortsbuch which includes 125,000 names, together with population data, postal codes and administrative geographies. printTable: function(opts) { Bacher Verlag GmbH concentrates upon customizing commercial maps for marketing, and markets the Regiograph GIS. } Title from cover. break; Color index map on page [2] of cover. // given the media player type, this function will modify the objects such that the methods Rhein-Main Frankfurt : Darmstadt, Gelnhausen, Mainz, Rheinau, Wiesbaden : insgesamt 326 Städte und Gemeinden, Citypläne und Verkehrslinienpläne, Citypilot und Ausflugskarten, GPS-genau. "value": "map" The Landesamt fϋr Umweltschutz Abteilung Geologie (LUS) maintains 1:25,000 scale earth science mapping of Saarland and is the provincial geoscientific authority. Administrative boundary vector data and digital terrain data are also complete and ATKIS coverage in the DLM 25 is available for the whole of Nordrhein-Westfalen. Includes postal codes indexes. Rhein-Main Stadtatlas : Grossraumstadtplan von Wiesbaden und Mainz im Westen über Frankfurt bis Hanau im Osten, von Friedrichsdorf im Norden bis Darmstadt im Süden. Series of Kreiskarten or Bezirkskarten are published with topographic or administrative boundary data issued for each administrative unit in the state. It maintains a range of over 900 indexed and regularly revised town maps covering most urban centers in Germany and Austria. Larger scale soil and engineering geological coverage is also issued. ': /* number_page */ s.prop46 = "";// qs-adv-search-kw Rhein-Ruhr Stadtatlas Grossraumstadtplan. // Time spent constructing the DOM tree Legend in German, English, French, and Italian. s.prop15 = 'basic'; Vysvetlivky značiek sú uvedené vo viacero jazykoch, napríklad v nemeckom, anglickom, českom i slovenskom jazyku. The content and symbol key were retained, including 10 m contours, but eastern sheet lines and numbers were adjusted to conform to (M745) specifications. Gebietskarten usually involve recasting of smaller scale topographic coverage onto more convenient regular local sheet lines. LC copy has 106 maps; no title page or cover. Jedes Blatt ist vor-/rückseitig bedruckt und bietet detaillierte Informationen im Maßstab 1:200.000, mit dem selbst kleine Orte und kleine Straßen schnell zu finden sind. var api = {}; Complete digital coverage is maintained in five product ranges: four offer vector coverage: the Stadtgrundkarte (DSGK) captured from 1:1,000 mapping, the DK5 digital map from the DK5 Grundkarte, DISK from 1:20,000 coverage, and a regional map from 1:150,000 mapping. Includes road maps of Europe and index. shortName: shortName Digital versions of Autoatlas Deutschland are published on CD-ROM, with some separate versions for different Lander becoming available, and CD-ROM versions of four urban atlases are also published. mediaOffset = 0; The Geologisches Landesamt Nordrhein-Westfalen (GLANR-W) established in 1957 carries out geoscientific mapping of the state. In addition there is a military edition from AMILGeo. Relief shown by hachures. Die Generalkarte, mit Stadtplänen und Reiseführer : Deutschland. s.prop28 += value + '|'; German. s.prop69 = ""; // location_state Kreiskarten are published at 1:50,000 or 1:100,000 in topographic or administrative editions. BfKG publishes the smaller scale topographic mapping of the Republic, carries out overseas mapping and geodetic cartographic and topographic research and acts as the national place name authority. Includes index. case 'jwPlayer': { A digital hydrological series at this scale is in progress. } Maps of Germany at 1:200,000. legacyTracking.trackingServer = s.trackingServerSecure; Relief & Profil Verlag compiles raised relief mapping of a number of European countries. } Legend in German, English, French, and Italian. break; The Landesvermessungsamt Brandenburg (LVAB) publishes digital and hard copy topographic mapping. Regional and Übersichtskarten are also issued. Thirty-five special Umgebungskarten are published with overprinted tourist information, the 1:50,000 scale sheets offer about 50% coverage and include a UTM grid for leisure GPS use. There are three 1:10,000 scale engineering geology series and four themes of 1:25,000 scale hydrological mapping. // metrics item page identifier is unique id plus readable title. s.prop11 = '/maps/ - Maps'; window.timing = window.timing || { Legends and index instructions in English, French, and German. Neuwagen suchen. "Ein ADAC Atlas"--Cover. Pilot Autoatlas : Deutschland/Europa : Gesamtdeuschland 1:300.000, Ballungsraumkarten Alpenländer 1:400.00, viele Stadtpläne /, Städteatlas Grossraum Halle-Leipzig : 1:20.000 /. Bollmann Bildkarten Verlag GmbH issues a range of about 125 isometric city maps, covering German towns and a few other cities. Mecklenburg Atlas des Bertram Christian von Hoinckhusen, um 1700 /, Grossraum Städte- und Gemeindeatlas Potsdam, Neuruppin, Brandenburg a. d. Havel : Pritzwalk, Rathenow, Wittstock/Dosse, Städteatlas Grossraum Bremen : Cuxhaven, Norden ... Emsland und Dammer Berge /. At head of title: AvD, Automobilclub von Deutschland. * Navigation Timing API helpers Title from panel. var timing = performance.timing; s.prop45 = ""; * Copyright 2015 Addy Osmani api.firstPaintTime = firstPaint - window.performance.timing.navigationStart; Cover title. Includes indexes. Legend in German and 9 other languages. Title from cover. A 40-year old 38-sheet 1:100,000 scale land condition map is still available. return api; Klett-Perthes International publishes maps for the educational market, including a very large international coverage of contemporary and historical wall maps. Text, descriptive index, city maps, and col. ill. on verso. Complete photogrammetric coverage of the former Democratic Republic was attained in 1969 in 6,150 five-color line maps, relief is shown in 1 m or 2.5 m contours. s.prop71 = ""; //language Siehe Details. The Topographische Übersichtskarte 1:200,000 (TÜK 200) covers Germany in 59 sheets, 12 of which are prepared by the Bavarian survey office.; ADAC Strassen-Atlas : 1986/87, Deutschland/Europa : mit Stadtplänen, Reiseinformationen und Stauwarnungen. }; Resources: Includes index. // needs help getting cleaned up using site_type/site_id/resource/title? * @return Object measurements player.on('complete', function(event) {handleMediaEvent(event, eventData)}, this); } 17,95 € Mehr Infos . The Bundesanstalt fϋr Naturschutz (BfN) (formerly the Bundesforschungsanstalt fϋr Naturschutz und Landschaft-sökologie) is based in Bonn and is responsible for nature conservation and landscape management, including the publication of several vegetation maps of parts of Germany. Cover title: Rhein-Wupper Stadtatlas : Grossraumstadtplan. Copyright: 2010 MairDumont. Continental Gummi-Werke. Title from cover. */ Raster versions of the layered data are available, and four different structured data sets are derived from this scale: administrative data sets for Landkreisen (NUTS 3 level) and Gemeinde (NUTS 5 level), a digital terrain model with 1 m grid resolution and a digital gazetteer. "Ein ADAC Atlas"--Cover. Meldorf : Fahrrad, Auto, Sport, Freizeit, HISTOUR : Cityplan 1:7 500, 13 Gemeindepläne 1:15 000, Freizeitkarte 1:25 000. 949.2 P43f Finding Your Dutch Ancestors. Heinz Fleischmann GmbH issues Kompass walking maps, which extend over much of Germany, Austria and Northern Italy. City plans at scale 1:10,000; regional maps at scale 1:100,000. Road maps in color, town plans in black and white. 2nd ed. "value": "cities and towns" 1:25,000 walking maps are published for southern areas. Informationen. The Senatsverwaltung fϋr Stadtentwicklung Umweltschutz und Technologie (SSUT) was established in 1981 with a remit of ecological planning in West Berlin. = UX.trackFileDownloadEvent; Deutschland, Europa der Shell atlas, 2009/2010. Recent larger scale initiatives include 1:50,000 mapping areas in the north of Sachsen. var mediaPlayerName = "LOC JW Player"; Legend in German and 7 other languages. A 1:50,000 scale Freizeitkarte is published in 26 sheets for the whole state with tourist overprint and this scale is also used in a specially formatted series for Nature Parks. It prepared the 11-volume Atlas zu Raumentwicklung published in instalments throughout the 1980s, and has also issued administrative mapping of Landkreise and Bezirke. */ Amongst the range of special maps are geological coverage at 1:10,000, 1:50,000 and 1:100,000, a water use map and a variety of administrative and urban redevelopment mapping. search_facets = [{ s.prop24 = "";// digitized MwSt. Includes postal codes and indexes. Includes the same road maps described above. Austria SuperTouring Road Atlas (Autoatlas Österreich Supertouring). German. Title from cover. s.prop12 = 'Maps'; s.prop48 += 'Facet[OriginalFormats]-('+value+') '; 1988. value = search_facets[i].value.toLowerCase(); // Chrome Includes indexes. "[Copyright] MairDumont"--P. 280. of: Städteatlas Grossraum Rhein-Wupper. //Handle various media events and send data to Adobe. console.log('play event fired off'); * wwas created in order to get the length of a video. Hungary - road atlas / Magyarország - autóatlasz / Ungarn - autoatlas / Topomap / English, German, Hungarian Road atlas of Hungary / 1 : 200.000 $25.99 Add To Cart "Insgesamt 79 Städte und Gemeinden ; mit Verkehrslinienplänen, mit CityPilot, mit Ausflugskarten, mit Cityplänen ; mit Postleitzahlen ; GPS-genau für präzise Navigation"--Cover. break; Je to soubor map od mapy ČR v měřítku 1:1200000 až k mapám měst v jednotlivých regionech. It issues maps relating to surface water and discharge, groundwater, water quality and air pollution. name = search_facets[i].facet.toLowerCase(); s.prop48 += 'Facet[LocationsExcluded]-('+value+') '; Title from portfolio. The second map at this scale is the six-color and eight-sheet Regionalkarte. Administrative mapping is published at 1:300,000 and 1:500,000 scales. Deutschland, Europa der Shell atlas, 2017/2018. Smaller scale single sheet mapping of the Land is available at five different scales. switch(playerType) { Cover title. Title from cover. // api.firstPaint = window.performance.timing.navigationStart; Includes 2 facsimile maps of Mecklenburg in 1721 not included in original atlas. This program has been carried out by state survey offices established in 1991 in each new Land, Eastern central agencies having been abolished, but it will be many years before a single national and uniform system is in place. Popisy výstupů s náčrty . s.prop48 += 'Facet[OnlineFormatsExcluded]-('+value+') '; Includes index. s.prop33 = "maps";// site_type -> picked up by prop61 case 'online format': ': It compiles and publishes geoscientific mapping of Germany including mapping programs at scales of 1:200,000 and smaller. Das ADAC Kartenset Deutschland, bestehend aus 20 Blättern, ist in diesem Kartenset auf 10 Doppelblättern zusammengefasst. "Privilegium Caesareae maiestatis, which occurs in each volume generally on the reverse of the title page, refers to Francis Hogenberg as the author's collaborator."--Phillips. api.unloadEventTime = timing.unloadEventEnd - timing.unloadEventStart; Regional maps on verso of some sheets. The area of the Freiehansestadt Bremen is mapped by the Kataster- und Vermessungsverwaltung (KVB) in the Senator fϋr das Bauwesen. ADAC Stadtatlas Rhein-Main, Frankfurt 1:20000 . Czech Republic Autoatlas (Autoatlas Ceská republika). 32 Kreiskarten are published giving complete coverage. Der grosse Aral Auto-Atlas : Deutschland und Europa 88/89. 'use strict'; Complete coverage of the state is available at 1:25,000 scale in the Bodenschätzungskarte and three versions of 1:50,000 scale earth science mapping are also published; the hydrogeological map is complete and some areas are available in quaternary or solid geological editions. MTB závod pro každého... Myslíme, že můžeme bez ostychu říci, že závod Tour de Ralsko má tradici. } ;; "Insgesamt 578 Städte und Gemeinden, Citypläne und Verkehrslinienpläne, CityPilot und Ausflugskarten, GPS-genau"--Cover. Phillips, 5240. Großer ADAC Autoatlas 2021/2022, Deutschland 1:300 000, Europa 1:750 000 Format kann ruhig 25cmx25cm sein, Wunschmaßstab 1:150.000. More limited soil coverage was established in the 1970s. 1:10,000 scale mapping is issued as full-color or three-color versions and five different kinds of 1:20,000 and 1:50,000 maps are published. Pharus Verlag publishes town mapping of Berlin. Also contains a reduced section of street plans shows principal routes through 63 Austrian town and cities. Landkarten-Verlag J. Kronast concentrates upon the compilation and publication of administrative area and town maps of Bayern and Baden Wϋrttemberg. Includes indexes. api.firstPaint = firstPaint; } }, 1 cm auf der Karte = 250000 cm = 2500 m = 2,5 km in Wirklichkeit. } Shows cities and towns and postal codes in part of North Rhine-Westphalia. s.prop22 = 0.678292989731;//backend duration RV also issues walking and cycling maps and a wide variety of tourist maps, with 1:300,000 and 1:800,000 coverage of European countries and world-wide coverage in series at 1:4,000,000 and 1:2,000,000 scales. Includes indexes. /* INCLUSION FILTERS */ Relief shown by shading and spot heights. var table = {}; An excellent road atlas that shows distances and uses green coloration to show vegetated areas. A diversity of hard copy scales have been used, and Flurkarten as large as 1:1,000 in scale are maintained by state surveying offices and by city authorities across Germany. Relief shown by shading and spot heights. player.on('buffer', function(event) {handleMediaEvent(event, eventData)}, this); Hartmann-Plan specializes in the commercial mapping of Hamburg, Schleswig Holstein and Niedersachsen, with a range of town maps, road maps, Kreiskarten and walking maps available as printed maps and on its Web page. s.prop48 += 'Facet[Languages]-('+value+') '; Raster versions of 1:5,000, 1:10,000 and 1:50,000 maps are available on CD-ROM packaged with viewing and interrogation software. The Umweltbundesamt (UBA) is the federal environment agency and the focal point for Germany’s contributions to the CORINE program. s.prop26 += value + '|'; s.prop48 += 'Facet[Sites]-('+value+') '; "Aktuell 93/94"--Cover. "ISSN 0936-6326." "GPS-genau." On the other side of the Iron Curtain, however, mapping was centralized, with military (Ausgabe Staat (AS)) and sanitized civilian (Ausgabe fϋr die Volkswirtschaft (AV)) editions in scale ranges from 1:10,000 to 1:1,000,000, following Soviet practice and completely unrelated to Western maps. Quantity Available: 1. Title from cover. Little progress has been made on the soil map of the same scale. * getMediaPosition() returns the length of the video. case 'subject': Harms-IC-Verlag publishes winter sports mapping and other tourist maps, notably of the Greek islands. This map uses the Gauss─Krϋger projection, with the graticule and Gauss─Krϋger net shown at the margins, and shows relief with 25 m or 12.5 m contours. * Outputs extended measurements using Navigation Timing API legacyTracking.prop8 = "[Button Click] - Start " + mediaType; Water sports, and walking maps at 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 scales are also available for significant areas of Brandenburg. Road maps in color, town plans in black and white. 1:100,000 scale geological coverage with sheet explanations was completed in 1993, and these 20 hard copy maps are currently being captured for release as digital data. These include 1:100,000 and 1:200,000 scale coverage for geology, and engineering geology and 1:50,000 quaternary, geological and hydrogeological coverage. } 30,00 € Mehr Infos . Its environmental GIS supports thematic mapping of the state of the environment, and the visualization of multiple data combinations. The (TK 50) series is also issued in a number of different versions: the Normal edition (TK 50 N, a four-color map with green used for woodland); a footpath and cycling version (TK 50 WR); a footpath map (TK 50 W); a monochrome edition (TK 50 E); an administrative map (TK 50 V) and an oro-hydrographic version (TK 50 O). Amongst all the state geological mapping agencies it is probably the most active in digital map compilation and publication. Thϋringer Landesanstalt fϋr Geologie (TLG) was established in 1991 as the state earth science agency. Der grosse Shell Atlas 98/99 : [Deutschland/Europa]. Most available series are excerpts from series covering the former Democratic Republic. Digital developments are facilitating the linking of property registers and household data to land information systems. return null; Städteatlas Grossraum Köln-Bonn : 1:20.000. api.initDomTreeTime = timing.domInteractive - timing.responseEnd; var legacyTracking = s_gi('locjukebox'); break; Civilian topographic mapping at 1:100,000, 1:50,000 and 1:25,000 is available for the whole of the western Lander. Issued in separately named parts, e.g. ADAC KompaktAtlas D 2021/2022 . Shows detailed city, thoroughfare, and road maps of Germany and Europe, and includes an ADAC travel information section with brief descriptions of 43 European countries. Facsimile of manuscript atlas in the Mecklenburgisches Landeshauptarchiv. "Copyright: CartoTravel Verlag GmbH & Co. KG"--Colophon. These are mostly at 1:25,000, with 20 m contours and show walking routes and/or ski-touring routes. Series have been color coded according to scale, (green for 1:25,000, blue for 1:50,000 and yellow-orange for 1:100,000) but are packaged differently by each state.