Here the 3300X edged out the Core i7-7700K, making it 8% faster than the 9400F. I have rebuilt my PC recently to make Lightroom/PS go faster. Premiere Pro is great at using multiple cores and a beefy GPU We see similar margins when running the Puget Systems Lightroom Classic benchmark. The most popular benchmark on the web, though useless for photo or video editing, is PassMark (though excellent for gaming). So I also know the possibilities and the limitations. PugetSystems: Intel i9-7940x, 7960X & 7980XE vs TR 1950x benchmarks LightRoom, Photoshop, After Effect, Maya 3D, Cinema 4D All benchcmarks at stock clock speed (no … Puget Custom Computers specializes in building high quality custom built desktops, workstations, laptops and servers. Puget Systems. [email protected] In this post I will be compiling NAMD from source for good performance on modern GPU accelerated Workstation hardware. Photoshop seems to run out of juice once you past 8-cores, but this is already pretty well known from previous Puget Systems articles from years past. However, if this isn't a major consideration and you just want the smoothest editing experience possible, then the Intel Core i7 8700K is still our go-to recommendation for Lightroom. Doing a custom NAMD build from source code gives a moderate but significant boost in performance. We selected the Lightroom machine and had a working budget of around $5k since we wanted to leave plenty of room in the budget for whatever monitor/tweaks upgrades you might want. With the impressive Photoshop benchmark scores and fast encoding on Premiere Pro, the ThinkPad P17 is an excellent creative application solution. This link is for Puget Systems "Enhance Details" benchmark. — Puget Systems What about video editing? Puget Systems, Auburn, WA. There’s currently no great advantage to having more than four cores, though such chips will benchmark faster because they can turbo-boost two cores to higher clock speeds. Unfortunately, Lightroom is still mostly dependent on the power of the processor, so it’s best to go for a quad-core Intel Core i7, if possible. Recommended Systems for Adobe Lightroom Classic (Puget Systems) In 2019 Puget Systems began offering a suite of tools that are extremely helpful for testing the performance of creative applications including Lightroom and Photoshop. Puget Company Overview. Some increase, but incremental. At Puget Systems, we design, build, and support high-end workstations specifically for content creators. Lightroom Classic CPU and passive work scores do definitely benefit from Ryzen and TR. This can be important considering that large simulations over many time-steps can run for days or weeks. The PC was configured with: The Puget Systems benchmarks specifically developed for Adobe Creative Cloud are designed to thoroughly test on Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, After Effects – including the AERender feature – and Adobe Premiere Pro. That is why, for the last 18 years, we have strived to produce quality workstations that allow you to do your work without any hindrance. My experience is that doubling the GPU speed does not double the Lightroom speed. Matt has led the lab effort at Puget Systems to build that suite and it makes him an expert in this niche. does some of the best benchmarks for Lightroom though most of their benchmarks are oriented to engineering applications. You can run Lightroom in 8G… Why Do We Need Lightroom and Photoshop Benchmarks? If their website is to be believed their machines are what everybody dreams of, … Puget Systems. I wanted to do some custom NAMD builds to ensure that that … 2707 West Valley Hwy N. Auburn, WA 98001 UNITED STATES. One source of GPU information is Puget Systems, who have run a number of tests in Lightroom Classic using a range of PC hardware. Memory is the next most important thing: 16GB is OK, but more is better, and pros want 32GB or more. 14K likes. (425) 458-0273. Puget Systems is a company in Washington State who build custom computers. Puget Systems has a lot of useful info in this area. Go to the link below and read the section Video Card (GPU). For example, the AMD Ryzen 9 3950 X 16-core processor was "the fastest CPU" custom PC builder Puget Systems had tested for Lightroom Classic and Photoshop (as … Our research pointed us to Puget Systems, who designs purpose-built PCs for specific software applications. Of course, it depends on what you do, and how quickly you need to do it. The price tag of the Puget Systems PC, after buying the necessary peripherals like a BenQ PD3200U 4K display and including a lifetime warranty, came out to just $5,700. We believe that computers should be a joy to purchase and own.