März ... Bei allen durch Corona bedingten Vorgängen wird ein kulanter Umgang angeraten. Are the sports offers of the Center for Sports and Health Promotion (ZfSG) currently open? For fixed-term employment contracts which are based on § 2 para. A copy of the confirmation should be sent to the Human Resources Department for the personal file. Employees who are unable to make use of mobile work, or cannot make use of it to the full extent, may only return to their workplace - after consultation with their line manager - if they are absolutely necessary for selective and restricted presence operation as well as for the second stage of this opertation and if infection protection is fully guaranteed. The examiner should define appropriate conditions and settings for the digital inspection (share link, allow visual inspection only by the examinee, set password, set time limit, do not allow downloading and editing if necessary). During the shutdown period from 24 December 2020 to 1 January 2021, access is only possible for explicitly authorised employees for carrying out mandatory activities and only after registration via the permanently manned security posts in the university parts at Straße der Nationen 62 (Pforte) and Reichenhainer Straße 70 (Rühlmann-Bau). Access for persons who are not members of Chemnitz University of Technology (employees of external companies for urgently required repair and construction work, etc.) by telephone. Die Regeln im Einzelnen Each participant now receives an e-mail containing the subject of the vote, the decision options and a link to the vote. Since personal documents may have to be checked when processing the application and access data may have to be sent by post, the application should be submitted 14 days in advance. This helps when compressing. In this case, preparation and execution of the appointments in presence can be carried out independently. The decision options are determined (e.g. The participants have to be informed in advance of the event about the current hygiene concept of Chemnitz University of Technology. The transcriber sends the scans of the protocol to the Central Examination Office (ZPA), if necessary together with the scans of the thesis evaluations. Select the desktop in the “Capture mode” field and select 12 f/s if you want to use the desired frame rate. Only a core team will be active on site at Chemnitz University of Technology in the period from 2 to 10 January 2021, so that the necessary basic technical and administrative services are ensured. There are no separate times on site for patients with symptoms or patients without symptoms, i.e. Information and offers on special questions about the coronavirus can be obtained from the hotline of the Medical Service IAS phone: +49 371 53362-0. On the URZ web pages you will find a step-by-step guide as well as a FAQ section on the most frequently asked questions about using BigBlueButton. 12 Saxon Law on Freedom of Higher Education (Sächsisches Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz) and with regard to exams in accordance with § 34 paragraph 3 Saxon Law on Freedom of Higher Education (with reference to § 5 paragraph 2 of all examination regulations of Chemnitz University of Technology). Offener Brief der Studierenden an die Bundeskanzlerin, die Bundesregierung (vertreten durch die Bundesminister*innen Herrn Scholz und Frau Karliczek), die Regierungschef*innen der Länder sowie die Vorsitzenden der Parteien des Deutschen Bundestages über die soziale Notlage der Studierenden in der Corona … This means for students: You can refuse recognition of an exam even after you have received the grade. The approval of business trips is possible, provided that the business activities are urgent and absolutely necessary and cannot be conducted in an alternative format (e.g. A list of FAQs regarding project funding is also available on the website of DAAD. Advice from the Central Student Advisory Office, the International University Centre and TU4U is available by telephone during office hours and by e-mail outside office hours. How do I deal with my planned/current semester abroad? In this case, the preparation and execution of the studies in attendance can take place independently at the respective faculty after the special hygiene concepts have been approved by the company medical service. on all stairs, corridors, and in jointly used rooms etc. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) has issued a decree that BAföG recipients should not suffer any disadvantages from the COVID-19 pandemic. The electronic services are available as usual. We recommend that you test the chosen alternative in advance with, for example, student assistants, employees or advanced students. Note: If you have arrived from a risk area and have a test performed in Chemnitz or at your place of residence, you are not allowed to use public transportation, carpools etc. The security service provider is requested to check that these regulations are observed. The office must exercise its discretion in accordance with the application. The Free State of Saxony and the Federal Ministry of Health also issued special rules for entry and return travelers from international risk areas. In this case, funding can also be granted without the certificate as an exception. They are allowed to access the buildings in accordance with their work task. In the OPAL teaching and learning platform there are various ways to contact the lecturers of a course via e-mail. Will I receive a confirmation from my employer in case of controls? The completely filled in form serves as proof to the management of the school or childcare facility and must be submitted independently by the applicant. Provided that the prerequisites for mobile work are generally met (see also Works Agreement Mobile Work; German only) and there are problems regarding telephone and/or Internet connection, a mobile connection may be provided for a limited period of time for the period of mobile work. In the context of the extended stand-by operation from 4 May 2020 and the selective and limited presence operation from 1 June 2020, there are additional provisions. In the “Convert” window, click on “Browse“ and enter the name of the converted or reduced file. Choose a resolution as low as possible (ppi). The voting manager enters a title and a text for the vote. Members of Chemnitz University of Technology can contact the Psychosocial Counseling Center of the Chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in case of acute psychological stress or problems by calling +49 371 531-28404. Sie werden über Ihre in TUMonline hinterlegten Mailadresse informiert, wenn Sie das bearbeitete Formular abholen können. The blog entries are constantly updated. März. According to § 48 para. It is easier if you set up a conference call via ConferenceNow. For meetings with more than ten persons, no rooms can be made available at present. In consultation with the deans or deans of studies as well as the Central Examination Office, accommodating solutions, such as a postponement, are being considered. In the course catalogue, students can find out which courses are offered on site and which in digital form. 1 IfSG, anyone who is carrying a disease, is presumed to be carrying a disease, or may be subject to infection in the sense of § 31 sentence 2 IfSG and therefore is prohibited from working and suffers a loss of income, will receive monetary compensation. The development of the current situation is very dynamic. section 2.3.1 of the Human Resources Department. Are there currently courses at Chemnitz University of Technology? Ventilate the work areas about every 30 minutes, or more often depending on the size of the window, for about ten minutes. How do I start? Violations are regarded as administrative offences and will be punished with fines. Operation and safeguarding of long-term experiments in the area of research are permitted. Why is it so important not only to contain the spread of the coronavirus, but also to slow it down? The Information and Counselling Centre for Studying and Disability (IBS) of the Deutsches Studentenwerk e. V. has published a guide (German only) that contains numerous best practices on this topic. Where can I find further information about coronavirus? The next events are (German only): As a first hint: Simply putting a lecture online one-to-one as video is perhaps the easiest but certainly also the worst way to virtualize a lecture. For example, if regular operation had resumed on 4 May: This is to ensure that students are not put at a disadvantage because the library, computer pools and laboratories are closed, and communication with supervisors is restricted. Veranstaltungen. For direct EU research funding (HORIZON 2020), however, a list of the respective working hours is sufficient for the time being. In the same course you will also find a list and explanation of the different types of course elements offered by OPAL as well as a short description of the application scenarios for the respective elements: Various video tutorials on OPAL are also provided by the Education Portal Saxony: Education Portal Saxony: Video tutorials on OPAL. The DAAD provides information on its website as well as a list of FAQs and gives advice for scholarship holders and those receiving funding. You can find out which of your courses are held on-site or digitally in the course catalogue. How can I distinguish between the diseases? I am planning activities with international partners for which I receive DAAD funding. If the home office is the centre of the entire professional activity, the expenses for the home office can be taken into account in unlimited amounts. Depending on the file size this may take a while. Meetings in public and private spaces are to be limited to a maximum of two households and a maximum of five people. Further advice and support services at Chemnitz University of Technology as well as a FAQ area with more than 120 frequently asked questions about studying can be found online. Please note that in the current situation there may be delays in responding to your request. No further or prior examination by the Human Resources Department is required in these cases. This means for examiners: You may deviate from the forms of examination specified in the module descriptions. This must be done by the end of the following summer semester 2021 at the latest or before registering for the repeat examination - whichever comes first. In addition to such self-tests, performance checks and even exams can be implemented. for the corona virus and is in officially ordered quarantine. Note: For the purpose of updating their TUC-Card at the terminals, students get access to the foyer of the B-Building, Reichenhainer Straße 70 (“Turmbau”) since May 15, 2020, Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Please also consult the patient guidelines for citzen of Chemnitz regarding testing for the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 (German only). There should be sufficient time between the individual lectures to ventilate thoroughly and disinfect tables, work equipment etc. It is currently not possible to assess whether currently planned stays abroad at partner universities in the near future can be started regularly, as the situation and protective regulations regarding the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) are also constantly changing in other countries. How can I switch my lecture to video from a technical perspective? A comparatively easy to use software for recording but also streaming lectures is the free Open Broadcaster Software Studio (OBS), which runs on Windows, Mac OS or Linux. Should I inform the university if I recently was in a risk area abroad or had contact with infected persons? 2 WissZeitVG!). How can I be sure that I will not lose my BAföG entitlement if the university closes and the standard duration of my studies is exceeded? you as an examiner are free to decide which alternative is appropriate for the competences to be assessed. Pursuant to § 56, para. In this case, please inform the Central Examination Office (ZPA) and the participants of the scheduled exams immediately and reliably.