| Oneika the Traveller. Also known as Ponte dei Sospiri in Italian, this is one of the most famous bridges in Italy. Such is the experience at The Floating City, […] Often known as St. Mark’s Square, this is considered one of the finest squares in the world and is definitely Venice’s prime tourist attraction. This is definitely the most luxurious of TYW routes! The fish is VERY good in Venice. Instead, get off at Venezia-Stazione Santa Lucia. Venice can be a really pricy destination, but with these travel tips you can get the most out of Venice without breaking the bank. Right underneath there are water taxis. Follow Kiersten on her adventures! Even if you don’t have an international data plan, GPS will still … Venice travel blog — The fullest Venice city guide for a great trip to Venice on a budget for the first-timers Day trips out of Taipei — Top 8 best day trips from Taipei you definitely should not miss After returning from Venice, I was so much mesmerized by its beauty that I painted Canals of Venice with colorful houses. This island of colorful buildings and Venetian lace is just a water taxi away from Venice. An illustrated blog for travelers and expats in Venice, from Veniceforvisitors.com. Venice … You can take an Alilaguna public water ferry (€15) to the historic downtown area. The top room also includes a rooftop terrace with views of the nearby canal. Booking.com It’s the industrial suburb of Venice… It’s the industrial suburb of Venice. Comments (0). ABOVE: Spazzini, or sanitation workers, pick up household trash in the Calle dei Albanesi during an acqua alta flood tide in Venice. Venice. This quaint little B&B wins guests over with its charm. Still, there are caveats to consider before plunking down a deposit on a holiday flat that you haven't seen. This 15th century hotel has some of the best views of the canal and Salute church. It has quickly become another extremely popular tourist destination. Cassanova was from Venice and actually escaped that prison. Venice is a very safe place to backpack and travel. One of the best ways to see the canal is to take a gondola ride or a water bus. You can buy a bus pass that will allow you to ride for your full trip. Since so many people visit during these months, prices get VERY expensive, even for hostels, so expect to pay more than anywhere else in Italy. Things tend to be more expensive due to high volumes of tourists. Instead, We3Travel highlights the best places to visit in Venice to avoid the tourist crowd, like the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. This week we continue our books for travel blog series with the legendary city of Venice! Check the map below to book your stay at this romantic city. Below, she shares with us not only all her top things to do in Venice, but an entire Venice travel blog, including all the basics you need to know before visiting this beautiful little city. I love to paint my travel … This summer, I joined Walks of Italy on their Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast tour to discover the town of Positano and the ruins of ancient Pompeii. Accommodation: Luxury s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date()); Accommodation: Bed & Breakfast | NEXT UP, WEDDING TIME! This occurs mainly from October through March or April, but it can happen at any time of year. That tradition continues today, but with a vengeance: Thanks to the World Wide Web, it's now almost as easy to book a vacation apartment in Venice's historic center as it is to reserve a hotel room. It was originally connected to the prison so prisoners had to cross the bridge, causing them to *sigh* as they entered jail. A Quick Introduction to Venice Venice, La Serenissima , is such an unique place that you … If you’re just looking to explore the shops or get food, walking to your destination will be easiest. When booking your trip, research all your options. Venice Travel Blog is an extension of our travel-planning Web site, Venice for Visitors, which PC Magazine has called "the premier visitors' site for Venice, Italy." Italie Découverte – A French blog dedicated to all things Italian including Venice. Visit Venice, Italy for an unforgettable Italian adventure. Same goes for spring, fall, and winter. Locals love this breakfast spot. “First, we’ll make snow angels for two hours. For example, the Piazza San Marco has minor flooding even in the summertime, while some neighborhoods--such as Sant'Elena, near the historic center's eastern tip--hardly ever get wet.). (Vulnerability to flooding depends on location. As we wandered we … Price: $-$$. ... Venice meets Caron Guillo, travel specialist & creator of a community site for women 50+ ... Top Travel Blog. Such convenience is rare, however: Normally, you'll collect your keys from the landlord or an agent at a prearranged time. It costs close to 100 Euros ($115 USD) for 30 minutes so it’s not really worth it just for getting from place to place. It’s the first real ghetto in the world, has little to no crowds, and the best seafood. New York, United States About Blog This is a travel and lifestyle blog penned … Accommodation: Airbnb Ferry Ticket Tips & Tricks. With a normal hotel reservation, you can cancel at any time before the day of arrival without penalty. But by the opening of the 15th century, Venice … Here are the best places to stay, eat and things to do in a handy Venice travel guide. There are a lot of small busy alleyways and staircases so walking with luggage can be a bit of a hassle when making your way to your hotel. Posted at 04:23 AM in News from Us | Permalink 1 Day In Venice | The Perfect Venice Itinerary - Headout Blog This newly-expanded guide describes 10 hotels that are extremely close to Marittima plus seven that are within easy walking distance of San Basilio and Santa Marta. Location: Venice If you take a train into Venice, you can walk out of the train station and the first bridge that you see is the main bridge. For more information on renting vacation apartments in Venice, including links to agencies and specific properties, see our Vacation apartments article at Veniceforvisitors.com. This … With a massive increase in tourists, the crowds only add to the heat. Italy is on the same seasonal cycle as the USA meaning when it’s summer in the USA it’s summer in Italy. Travel Tip: I advise not to stay in Piazza San Marco. Popular travel and lifestyle blog featuring travel tips, fashion, food and photography from around the world. You can take an Alilaguna public water ferry (€15) to the historic downtown area. In fact, go to the Ghetto. Location: Campiello Priuli While tourists line up for hours to see the Bell Tower of Saint Mark, you can get to the top of the church in no time and have sweeping views of Venice. Staying in private accommodation has a long history in Venice. The Ghosts of Venice Past - Campiello del Remer, Venice, Italy Our guide tonight was Andrea, we wandered through the narrow streets of Venice with it’s 15 centuries of history. Some landlords use lockboxes that let you enter a numeric code to get your keys. Peak Season: Peak tourist season for Venice is June-August. For even more Venice cruise information, go to: BELOW: The Hotel San Sebastiano Garden is a short walk from the San Basilio cruise terminal. The article also has Piazzale Roma and San Basilio maps that show the locations of all 17 hotels. Best Time to Visit: Don’t miss my guide on The Best Time to Visit Italy for a detailed breakdown of what to expect throughout the different seasons. Italy isn't the cheapest European country to explore, so here are my tips to save money, travel Italy on a budget and have an amazing time! Also read our article on Garbage and recycling collection for apartment renters. Our hotel and apartments partner, Booking.com, is more transparent than many of its competitors, and it's a good choice if you're staying for 28 days or less. Thank you so much for watching! Capturing Venice – A blog featuring Venice – you can find itineraries, art and literature taking place in Venice. Walking: There are a few ways to get around Venice but the most common is going to be walking. A Garden in Venice … Booking.com. As with most of Italy’s cities, Venice’s biggest safety risk is petty theft and pick pocketing. | Accommodation: Mid-Range, Boutique Visitors are treated like everyday friends. Italy is an incredible destination. These are tourist traps and you will end up paying an insane amount of money for your meal. The Rialto Bridge was built in just 3 years, between 1588 and 1591 and is the true heart of Venice. Apartment rentals usually require a firmer commitment, with big penalties (sometimes up to 100 percent of the rent) if you change your mind. Also, you'll often need to pay all or most of the rent at the time of booking, and security deposits aren't uncommon. Be sure to see the artists make glass sculptures., it’s quite an interesting process. Is mobility a problem for you? It’s a truly unique … Hit up all the prime attractions in the Floating city and save more while you explore more. Filled with students, professors, poets, and musicians, it’s a local legend. Leading up to The Yacht Week Italy, I have to admit it was the route I was most excited about. In the wake of the November, 2019 flooding in Venice, we thought it would be helpful to draw your attention to our acqua alta resources here and at our main travel-planning site, Veniceforvisitors.com: Acqua AltaThis illustrated article at Venice for Visitors tells what acqua alta or "high water" is and how to prepare for it if you're going to Venice from mid-autumn through early spring. Google Maps was a lifesaver! Ready for the ultimate Mediterranean getaway? 4. With so much tourism, Venice widely accepts credit cards. The site was once merely a collection of mudbanks, and the first settlers came as refugees fleeing invading enemies of the Roman Empire. Water Buses: Water buses are another option for getting around. Posted at 06:32 PM in General Advice, Places to Stay | Permalink Especially the risotto secoe, made with fatty beef spine. Though some locals don’t speak English, most Venetians have become accustomed to English speaking tourists so you shouldn’t have a problem communicating. Other fees, such as cleaning fees or additional service fees, can push the rent up quickly. s.async = true; Location: S. Marco A travel journalist and foodie with an insatiable love of Italy, Alice's adventures in "The Boot" have seen her live in Naples, Venice and Verona - making her our expert on both the country's … Posted at 09:08 PM in Cruises, Places to Stay | Permalink Each listing includes a photo, a link to the hotel's individual map and directions page at VeniceHotelDirections.com, and guest ratings from Booking.com. This luxury hotel is set in a historical palace and it’s the best place to get away from it all after a long day of sightseeing. Located right on the Great Canal, just north of the Rialto, it’s ideal for those that want to spend their days’ sightseeing. Plus you can get spaghetti that’s cooked in a 40kg wheel of cheese until it’s coated in cheese. It has now become a symbol of love and it is said that if you kiss your lover under the bridge, your love will last forever. Venice was a labyrinth and I actually got a little anxious at one time when were were trying to get back to the hotel. Beware if you have a stroller or wheelchair as this bridge consists primarily of stairs. Short-term rentals are more popular than ever (in Venice and elsewhere), but don't book until you've read our advice. Ciao, bella ! This is especially true in the crowded tourist areas and on vaporettos. If you’re flying into Venice, you’re most likely going to fly into the Venice Marco Polo Airport. Know your Venice geography and topography. Burano is a photographer’s paradise and the true epitome of Italian charm. Hence the name! Are you traveling with bulky or heavy luggage? Location: Campo Santa Maria del Giglio BOOK YOUR COOKING CLASS WITH MONICA. Piazza San Marco, Getting Lost, and Gondolas. … You will most likely be able to find an Airbnb in a central location, close to all the action for a good price! BELOW: Cheryl Imboden points to a marker on the Hotel Cavaletto & Doge Orseolo that commemorates the worst acqua alta tide in Venice's history, which occurred in November, 1966. Most apartment buildings in Venice lack elevators. If you're arriving and departing by train, an apartment within walking distance of the Venezia Santa Lucia Railroad Station will be your best bet. Comments (36). As a bonus, you'll find a secondary page with nine more hotels that are worth considering if you don't mind a slightly longer walk. Hey i was reading your blog…i can give u all a tip: i’m italian and my parents are from venice. Italy Perfect Travel Blog | Italy Vacation Rentals. It serves some of the best Essi biscuits, a lemony treat that’s in the shape of an S. People tend to stop in for a coffee and end up leaving with a box of goodies for their family. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; We hope you'll visit often, and we invite … Language: Italian! With limited space, it’s best to book a room in advance! Rome is one of the most iconic and traveled cities in Europe, with a long history to match. Location: Grand Canal (The lockbox can be by the apartment's front door or at a nearby luggage-storage facility such as Vaise.). Here's the highlights of each season and the best time to go to Italy! Water Taxi: If you’re looking to go somewhere a bit further or have heavy bags that you don’t want to carry, you can take a water taxi. Apartment payment policies vary: Some landlords accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, but others expect cash via PayPal or a bank draft. Posted at 06:15 PM in Flooding | Permalink Why Tauck› Travel Blog › Venice. Climate: The weather in Venice is very extreme. Location: Province of Venice | Accommodation: Historic, Luxury p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); Venice Travel Blog: FloodingOur acqua alta index page links to a number of posts about Venice tidal flooding (including this one), featuring such topics as tidal warning sirens and forecasting apps for your iPhone or Android smartphone. Imagine strolling down alleyways, eating authentic gelato while window shopping for Italian leather handbags. If you're fond of animals, take a look at our dog blog, Maggie in Venice: A Bearded Collie's Adventures in Italy. Plus it’s a cool atmosphere to explore. For current listings of hotels near Marittima and San Basilio/Santa Marta, we recommend looking at "17 Hotels Closest to Cruise Ships" guide on our main Venice for Visitors site. Before booking an apartment on the ground floor, be sure that you aren't at risk from acqua alta, or tidal flooding. Let’s discover one of the most romantic destinations in the world through our Venice travel blog (Venice blog) with the fullest Venice travel guide blog (Venice city guide, Venice visitors guide) for a wonderful … Join over 1 million people and get exclusive travel tips, giveaways and more! The blog also provides a breakdown of the ideal days to travel to Venice with … In fact, it’s best to avoid eating or drinking there (even a coffee) or buying any souvenirs. Whether it’s the Basilica di San Marco located in the heart of the Piazza San Marco, the Rialto Bridge, or the Ponte dei Sospiri, there is so much history to be seen on this magical little island, it can seem very overwhelming. Blogging about life in Venice and Italy, sharing my knoweldge of Italian lifestyle, tutoring in English & Italian. Comments (0). This church is your answer. Keep reading for street food, budget-friendly transit, and tips for … At about 3800 meters long, this grand canal splits the city into two sides. This summer was such a dream and I am so happy I was able to take you along on all of our travels. Background: Italy became a nation-state in 1861 when the city-states of the peninsula, along with Sardinia and Sicily, were united under King Victor … There’s something extremely romantic and charming about Venice. This spot is a party nonstop from Thursday to Monday morning. There are so many highlights from Venice to Rome to Florence. With lush gardens and frescoed rooms, you’ll be feeling like royalty in no time. Typically Airbnbs tend to be cheaper than hotels in Venice. It offers grand rooms, a pool, and a rooftop dining area that is sure to provide one of the best views of Venice. Price: $$$. If you're coming from Venice Marco Polo Airport, you'll want a flat near an Alilaguna airport boat stop, a canal that can be reached by water taxi, or the Piazzale Roma (where airport buses and land taxis arrive from the Venetian mainland). You may even be asked to pay a deposit by wire transfer and the balance of the rent in banknotes upon arrival. The answer is "It depends." If you’re arriving by train, do not get off at the Venezia-Mestre stop. If the tide is higher than the floor of your apartment, you'll find yourself wading in brackish and unsanitary water from the drains or nearby canals. A one-way ferry ticket costs 6.50 Euros and it is good for 60 minutes — including switches. For the world’s most beautiful city, Venice had an inauspicious start. While visiting Rome last summer, I joined Walks of Italy for a Rome food tour & pizza making, which, if you ask me, is the best way to discover a city! If you’re flying into Venice, you’re most likely going to fly into the Venice Marco Polo Airport. In the summers, it is very hot out. Want the best view of the city without the crowds? … Helpful Tip: Avoid restaurants that have pictures of their menu outside and a staff member trying to persuade you to eat there. Complicated (and sometimes costly) payment arrangements may be fine if you're staying a month or two, but if you're visiting for only a few days, you'll want to keep things simple. With only three bedrooms, you’ll find well-informed hosts and cute decor. If you want services--or even if you just want help close at hand when something goes wrong--stick with a hotel or B&B, or make sure that your apartment is in a serviced building with multiple vacation apartments and a 24-hour reception desk. Anthony Bourdain’s episodes of No Reservations are great resources for finding amazing restaurants and foodie experiences around the world. Cook In Venice. Tucked in a quiet little alleyway, this mid-range boutique hotel includes its own courtyard, North African and Middle Eastern touches, and an array of homemade breakfast goodies. But before you book your flights and eat your weight in gelato, there are a few things you need to know! Venice Travel Blogs, Photos from TravelBlog.org. Venice has two sets of cruise terminals: If your ship departs or arrives at Marittima, you'll probably want to stay on or near the Piazzale Roma, which is the land-transportation hub for Venice with airport buses, taxis, and the People Mover automated tram to both the Marittima cruise basin and the Tronchetto parking garages. Be prepared for knitty gritty service but incredible food. When you stay at a hotel, you normally present your credit card when you check out. Accommodation: Historic, Luxury Here you’ll find the Basilica di San Marco, Palazzo Ducale, Campanile (the bell tower), restaurants, shops, and museums. Helpful Tip: Be sure to order an Aperol spritz with your meal. We hope you'll visit often, and we invite you to post your comments about traveling or living in Venice. Making Italy romantic isn't hard, however making it budget-friendly might present problems. However, it can be easier to pay for small purchases and souvenirs with cash, so keep some Euros on you at all times. It’s prosecco, Aperol, and a spritz of seltzer and is extremely refreshing. In the 19th Century, the city was like flypaper for artists, aristocrats, and cultural strivers from countries such as Britain and the United States, who would stay for several months (and sometimes longer), usually in rented rooms or dwellings. This might be one of the best-located spots on this list. Helpful Tip: If it’s a seafood restaurant, it’s most likely delicious. As an Airbnb Associate, I earn a small commission if you book through this link, at no extra cost to you! Currency: Much like a lot of other countries in Europe, they use the Euro. Located in San Marco, this hotel is in the perfect central spot. Venice Travel Tips: What You Need to Know Before Visiting Venice, Italy . Gondolas: Lastly, there are the gondolas. Venice Travel Blog is an extension of our travel-planning Web site, Venice for Visitors, which PC Magazine has called "the premier visitors' site for Venice, Italy." About Blog Italy Vacation Rentals, Apartments in … })(document, 'script', '//aff.bstatic.com/static/affiliate_base/js/flexiproduct.js'); Italy is truly a must-visit country, and one of the most-traveled destinations in Europe. Checking in can be a hassle, especially if you're arriving late. If you’re arriving by train, do not get off at the Venezia-Mestre stop. Price: $-$$$. Great blog, headed to Venice, Florence, Amalfi Coast and Rome beginning of April, so excited. This is another well-known local spot and known for some of the most authentic Italian food in the city. It’s a five-minute walk from St. Mark’s and only a 20 minute walk to the Rialto. It's cheap--only a few euros per day--but you'll normally be expected to pay it in cash up front, so have some euro banknotes and coins handy when you arrive. If the hour is late, you may be required to pay an extra fee. I n the 20+ years since we launched our first Venice travel-planning site, we've seen visitors make the same mistakes over and over--often at considerable cost in time, money, or vacation enjoyment. Price: $$$. Venice Pre-Travel Guide: When to go. It opened as a museum in 1923 and features exhibits like “Secret Itineraries of the Doge’s Palace” and “the hidden treasures of the Doge.” If you’re interested in history, it’s a must-see. Price: $$. I made my way to The Floating City of Venice last summer and it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen! So plan your trip to Italy with my ultimate Rome travel guide! Here is my ultimate guide to Venice, Italy! Comments (0), Maggie in Venice: A Bearded Collie's Adventures in Italy, What you need to know about "acqua alta" (Venice flooding), Garbage and recycling collection for apartment renters, We've expanded our guide to hotels near Venice's cruise piers, If you're visiting Venice from fall through spring, don't book ground-floor accommodation. If your ship departs or arrives at San Basilio or Santa Marta, you may want to stay in the vicinity of those piers. The gothic palace was formerly home to the Doge and the seat of the Venetian government. We're often asked what hotels are most convenient to Venice's cruise port, especially when passengers are traveling with heavy luggage or would like to avoid long walks over multiple footbridges. ). (function(d, sc, u) { (This isn't likely to be an issue in hotels, where rooms are usually on upper floors, but short-term apartment rentals at street level can be risky. Read on to see our detailed 2 day Venice … WHERE TO STAY IN VENICE Near the Grand Canal or Canal facing hotel. It has three walkways that lead between two rows of shops. Apartments with keycode entry aren't yet common in Venice. We have one night, half day in Venice and will see all your recommended highlights. It’s what all the Venetians drink. Follow these steps to a romantic Italian getaway on a budget! Venice Travel Blog- Imagine waking up to the sound of water and an open and serene view. Don’t miss his episode on Venice! ABOVE: The AC Hotel Venezia by Marriott has an entrance directly on the transportation hub of Piazzale Roma, but its guestrooms face a quiet side street, an attractive interior courtyard, or this traditional Venetian canal. No matter where you stay, you'll need to pay the Venice tourist tax. In fact, all of the noble palaces were built right on the water and there is no pedestrian access. By Tauck Jun 22, 2020 Inside Tauck. In the winter, it is quite rainy and cold. If you’re worried about getting scammed, you can read about the 14 travel … Here are some observations and tips to keep in mind: 1. Don't get stuck in a building where you'll need to haul your bags up several flights of steps. If you dislike service fees, avoid HomeAway and Airbnb. Book your Venice Attractions tickets on Headout, and spend just €115 on your 2 day vacation in Venice! 10 Safest Destinations for Solo Female Travel, The Best Girlfriend Getaways Around the World, 10 European Destinations for Female Travelers, Travel-Friendly Beauty Routines for Every Budget, 10 Incredible Adventures to Have in North America, 10 Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Around the World, What to Expect on a Luxury Galápagos Cruise, 10 Essential Tips for Traveling as a Couple, 7 Budget Travel Tips for Student Travelers, Ethical Animal Encounters Around the World, Why You Should Travel with Reef Safe Sunscreen, Discovering Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast with Walks of Italy, The Ultimate Guide to The Yacht Week Italy, How to Plan a Romantic Italian Getaway on a Budget, Rome Food Tour & Pizza Making with Walks of Italy. Look for an apartment near your arrival and/or departure point. Said to be one of the best gelato places in Venice, this is the perfect place to indulge your sweet tooth. 3. One of the highlights of Italy, Venice is a place with unmistakeable romantic charm. Inside you’ll find polished wood, a lot of gold, and vibrant colors. If u want to visit Venice book in a hotel in MESTRE (is the nearest city) and go to venice by bus. Price: $$$. Read this Venice travel blog post to learn about the best things to do, where to stay, what to pack, and when to go. Finally, if you're traveling to Venice for the first time, don't miss our "Introducing Venice" article at Veniceforvisitors.com.