Many firms are now seeking graduates who have programming skills - and are able to implement ideas. Unser Ziel ist es dabei, den disruptiven und transformativen Effekt digitaler Technologien auf Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft … The ETSS team identifies trends, needs, and demands for educational technology on campus. The Project Management Office (PMO) works to build a responsible and structured project and portfolio management culture at LMU, leading to the successful execution of projects that involve technology. M.Sc. Winter semester: 15 May . On behalf of MHP Management- und. I have a bachelors degree from Uppsala University with a major in Business and Economics, and a minor in Computer Science. Our goal is to understand the digital transformation of … Media, Management and Digital Technologies. 31 May for the following winter semester (national and … Depending on the specialisation in technology, the Master's programme in Management & Technology (TUM-BWL) can be studied up to 100% in English. The topic … at Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaft at LMU München. The world is facing fundamental economic and societal changes due to the rapid development of digital technologies, global networks, the diffusion of mobile devices, and the accumulation of large amounts of data. Hauptnavigation. CONTRIBUTE TO THE CDTM COMMUNITY. Abhay Nath Mishra, Associate professor, Iowa State University, USA. FitSM, ITIL, COBIT, eTOM, MOF, COBIT, ISO/IEC 20000 (also known as «ISO 20000» or «ISO20K») Information Security Management, ISO/IEC 27000 standards ITSM tools, and using new technologies for ITSM purposes, e.g. As an interdisciplinary and complete English-language degree course, the MMT master’s program … Interests. Digital rights management technology not only protects and controls electronically distributed data, but also is a flexible enterprise solution that can lessen security breaches. Electives: Students have the opportunity to elect … Fakultät Aktuelles News Aktuelle Forschung Veranstaltungen Stellenangebote Profil Personen Cluster Centers of Excellence Dekanat Rankings Fakultätsmagazin Geschichte Studium Forschung International Praxis … To the . Director of the Chairs for Media Informatics and Human-Computer Interaction at the Institute of Informatics Member of the MMT advisory board and admissions committee. Media, Management and Digital Technologies. Team Assistant × Christine Peter. Programme duration 4 semesters Beginning Winter and summer semester Application deadline. Apply for the Master in … The CHE University Ranking provides you with all important information on studying Media, Management and Digital Technologies (M.Sc.) Standards and frameworks for IT Service Management and IT Governance - e.g. LMU-Portal; BWL; WIM Facebook; Student Office BWL: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 - 6900; Language Selection. … The Educational Technology Services & Support team is dedicated to the support and advancement of technology-enhanced, teaching, learning and research at LMU. Individuals working as digital media specialists have highly-specialized skills that focus on new media and technology. Homepage; Publications; Other Publications; Media, Management and Digital Technologies (MMT) Main Navigation. About 40 years ago, digital technologies were a tool to improve the efficiency of a company's back office. LMU-Portal; Sitemap; Sprachumschaltung. Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich. In addition, the ETSS team also provides training for the entire campus community on productivity and general use technology. Antecedents of technology ventures' growth: Comparing investor experience and effort erschienen in: International Journal of Technology Management, Special Issue "The Interface of Strategy, Innovation and Growth - Organizational Behaviour in Technology-Oriented Ventures and SMEs", Vol. ITS … Hauptnavigation. The PMO facilitates executive decisions on project requests, provides leadership and mentoring to project managers, and communicates with stakeholders throughout the full project lifecycle. Thank you. English only . The master's program "Media, Management and Digital Technologies" (MMT) is jointly offered with the support of the initiative "Digitaler Campus Bayern" by the Munich School of Management as well as the Faculty for Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics and the Institute for Informatics at the LMU München. Prof. Dr. Heinrich Hußmann. Architecture (Master) > [accredited] Civil Engineering (Master) > Facility Management (Master) > [accredited] … All course formats are highly interactive and will be partly conducted in close collaboration with company partners. Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm (after-hour support available) [email protected] or [email protected] Ms. Esther Nagel , Chair for Internet Busi-ness and Internet Services. … Moritz holds an MSc in finance and private equity from the London School of Economics and a degree in technology management from the TUM/LMU Center for Digital Technology and Management in Munich. ‪Professor of Internet Business & Internet Services, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München‬ - ‪Cited by 1,059‬ - ‪Internet Business and Internet Services - Green IS - Information and IT-Management‬ Keep Teaching. English; Navigationspfad. Zoom. Degree. Professor for Internet Business and Internet Services (LMU) Program Head of the MMT. An ICT-based innovation in this context is the smart metering … Media, Management and Digital Technologies - MMT, München (Munich, Germany). Information Technology Services ITS Service Desk Email Support. The increasing diffusion of renewable energies which underlie significant daily and seasonal fluctuations increases grid operations’ complexity. 69-97. Lecturer. M.Sc. … LMU-Portal; BWL; Student Office BWL: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 - 6900; Sprachumschaltung. IT-Beratung: To all . On July 1st, 2016, a new interdisciplinary research group was founded at the Chair of Information Management: The "Digital Transformation Research Center" (DTRC). Email:[email protected] . Digital media specialists serve as an extended limb of an organization, overseeing the advertising, promotions, marketing, public relations and information technology departments. Startseite; Aktuelles; Apply for the Master in Media, Management and Digital Technologies now! (Master of Science) Subjects: Business and Economics, Computer Science, Media Studies, Journalism . The focus is on innovative business management concepts, from new pricing models, changing organizational concepts to completely disruptive business models and … In this pursue, the chair cooperates with various business and research partners, most prominently in third-party funded research projects. The master programme enables graduates to either start their own digital businesses or lead corporate digital transformation projects to success. for the successful and continu-ously productive collaboration. Keep Working. Prof. Dr. Johann Kranz. … Sustainably Digital. Beat Rossmy Lecturer and Doctoral Researcher Institute for Human-Computer Interaction . The cluster "Information Systems and Digital Business" deals with the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) by companies and their customers –ranging from social media and big data to the Internet of Things. The chair of information management, led by Professor Dr. Lutz M. Kolbe, perceives the management of information and information technology as a crucial key factor for sustainable business success. Management & Digital Technologies: Courses integrate content from business and informatics. Startseite; Fakultät; Aktuelles; News; Apply for the Master in Media, Management and Digital Technologies now! Utilizing the possibilities of digital technologies in developing new business models is called digital transformation. Tuition fees (per semester) Starting Winter semester Mode … Currently, only Computer Engineering and Industrial Engineering are completely feasible in English. for management tool integration, orchestration of processes etc. respondents. Master's program "Media, Management and Digital Technologies" (MMT) at LMU München We call for papers that study information systems from the perspective of sustainability including topics such as sustainably … 111 likes. Prof. Kranz und sein Team am IBIS versuchen, Antworten auf die vielfältigen Problem- und Fragestellungen für die Wirtschaftsinformatikforschung an der Schnittstelle zwischen IT, Management und Organisation zu finden, die sich durch die digitale Transformation ergeben. I have a strong academic background with a masters degree in Media, Management & Digital Technologies from LMU Munich and an honors degree in Technology Management from CDTM - Jointly offered by LMU Munich and the Technical University of Munich (TUM). English; Languages. Today, the strategic potential of digital technologies is much greater, ranging from modified organizational and leadership concepts to changed products, processes, and business models, changed structures of value creation and markets. Johann KRANZ, Professor (Associate) of Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Munich (LMU) | Read 50 publications | Contact Johann KRANZ Application Deadlines . Savanid (Nui) Vatanasakdakul, Senior Lecturer, Macquarie University, Australia. While circular economy (CE) scholars have long lauded digital technologies such as sensors, distributed ledgers, or platforms as key enablers, our own community has not fully explored the potentials of information systems (IS) for a CE. Aktuelles Archive Lehre Forschung Publikationen Team Mitarbeit am ECM Kooperation mit ECM Service LMU CAMS drucken; Inhaltsbereich. The team focuses on topics related to the opportunities, challenges and implications of business model innovation in response to the diffusion of digital technologies, such as cloud computing, big data, or mobile technologies. The Educational … Digital technologies such as AI, Internet of Things or Blockchain will revolutionise business models and work processes of established industries. The Munich School of Management at LMU Munich is grouped into eight clusters: Accounting; Finance & Insurance; Marketing & Strategy; Technology & Innovation; Information Systems & Digital Business; Leadership & Human Resources; Health Care Management; Human Resource & Management Education; Senior Faculty of the Munich School of Management at LMU Munich. Prof. Dr. Johann Kranz. Christine Peter . Drive CDTM … 52, No. Professor Institute; Univ.-Prof. … Language. Master of Science in Management and Digital Technologies MSc Management and Digital Technologies Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München • München Overview; Course details; Costs / Funding; Requirements / Registration; Services; Degree Master of Science in Management and Digital Technologies Teaching language. 2 Years (starting: Winter semester) Duration. [email protected] +49 89 21 80 18 75. DIGITAL BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION Daniel Leonhardt University of Goettingen, Goettingen, Germany, [email protected] Ingmar Haffke Darmstadt University of Technology, Darmstadt, Germany, [email protected] Johann Kranz Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Munich, Germany, [email protected] Alexander Benlian A digital media specialist employs design skills and technology to create content used in video production and … English; Navigationspfad. Foto: Jan Greune The new course, which begins in the coming Winter Semester, is … Free . Email: [email protected] . Keep Learning. ; Other online profiles The interdisciplinary add-on study program at the intersection of digital technology, management and entrepreneurship. All examinations are in English, as this is also … Email: [email protected] Considering recent technological advances in software and hardware and our history of helping address wicked challenges, we believe the time is ripe to mobilise IS … in Business Administration from the University of Marburg and Millersville University of Pennsylvania; Apprenticeship in event … Matthew Bazar . Acquire a toolbox of innovation methods, apply them during hands-on projects with startups and corporates, and shape your future through a stay abroad at a top university. The ITS Service Desk Online Portal is available 24/7. dives deep into entrepreneurial questions related to the management and application of digital technologies … Professor Kranz and his team at IBIS are striving to find answers to the various questions for information systems research that arise from the digital transformation at the interface between … The M.Sc. Our special thanks go to . LMU - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. Submit tickets, live chat, check the status of tickets or requests, and search for Knowledge Base articles. B.Sc. Track Description. For the effective use of renewable energies, innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) and concepts are necessary to efficiently balance power generation and consumption. Deutsch; Breadcrumb Navigation. One program perfect for learning such skills is the cutting-edge Management and Digital Technologies (MMT) master’s degree, jointly offered by the Munich School of Management and the Institute for Informatics, both at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich). GET A HANDS-ON EDUCATION IN INNOVATION. München, 02/25/2016. The chair’s current research topics focus on a holistic perspective on … LMU Together. Research Teaching Publications Articles in Refereed Journals and Proceedings Articles in Books and Non-Refereed Journals Books Edited Volumes … for sup-porting the study with their views and assessments. Team Assistant. 1-2, pp. LMU’s new Master’s course in Media, Management and Digital Technologies offers the right blend of informatics and business administration. and . Digital Technologies: Courses address digital technologies from a technological perspective (courses are offered by the Institute for Informatics).