Like the idea of a capsule wardrobe’ but not sure where to start? b) passionate about interiors, home decor and design. Everyday women in their 50s and older share the skin, beauty, and anti-aging wisdom they wish they could have known in their 20s. And even if … Simplify Your Style eBook — to get a summary of our process in book format. She also tells her followers all about her experiences of living in a tiny apartment. You’re an analytical thinker, and your wardrobe reflects your serious side. It’s a much broader concept, a philosophy that embraces living with less — fewer physical possessions, less debt and unnecessary expense, and a more intentional promotion of the intangible things you value most. Kathryn is on a mission to save the planet, and she’s doing it through a zero-waste lifestyle. There are regular interviews featuring other minimalists, so reading this blog will enable you to read about other people’s minimalism stories as well as just Francine’s. She wants to give support to a community who understands this connection and experiences the benefits of minimalism in their daily lives. Many say minimalist living frees up time and energy to meet the challenges of living under lockdown, but the emotional longing for family, friends, and the return of normalcy still seeps through. Layer it Up! My focus when it comes to hair… Read More Check out Unfancy. This one’s for all the minimalist style lovers. The main … ‘Minimalist Fashion’ is completely seasonal, allowing you to jazz up your sense of style all year round. You will only find her in shades of black, grey, white and nude with silver accents and that’s just fine by us. For this, I delved deep into the fashion archives to bring you the best pared-back dressers from the '60s right up to 2020. In selecting this year’s best minimalist living blogs, we looked for people who are sharing their journey and experiences. She will show you just how to spend your own money without ever feeling guilty, live well with less and save for a rainy day – all while still being able to splash out on the things you love. Rachel Jones created her blog to help other moms to nourish their families with real food. In the spring and summer, mix and match your wardrobe with a simple t-shirt and jeans combo, or a flow-y skirt for that ‘Instagram’ aesthetic you’ve been dying to achieve! Streamlined shapes, a small selection of colors and even a bare minimum (gasp!) To celebrate a decade of living with less, we’re releasing three new podcast episodes. It has since evolved to include clean beauty, Scandinavian-inspired interior design and luxury travel. With plenty of real-life examples she’s encountered on her personal journey, this is a great insight into the world of minimalism. That means DIY tutorials for making your own night-lights or kraft paper roll holders, posts about living life in a tiny apartment, waste-not recipes, eco-friendly family travel advice, and tips for living simply but beautifully. If you have a favorite blog you’d like to nominate, please email us at [email protected] by Georgina Wong If you love minimalist outfits, sleek basics, and dressing in mainly black and white, there are a lot of fashion bloggers to get style inspiration from. … But if you want to lead a minimal life, assessing your wardrobe is a great place to start. You love order, and having a compact, coordinated, minimalist style is valuable in your lifestyle. A minimal style wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring, on the contrary. Finding minimalism in a world of consumerism. Karen Liszewski is a life coach who offers information, tips, and inspiration for living a minimalist life. There can be a lot of benefits to minimalist living. In addition to being a great blogger, Francine Jay also wrote The Joy of Less and Lightly. This one does what it says on the tin – it’s all about the author’s experiences of “living small in Tiny Houses” and the “Tiny House Movement”. This blog shows you how to exchange a complicated modern life for a simpler way of living. Personal Style Workbook — to keep track of your inputs and progress in one place. 20 Minimalist Fashion Blogs You Need To Follow, a post by Bloglovin' on The Edit. Plus check out that white jumpsuit: it’s TDF. The days of deep conditioning, using henna, and shingling each curl ended when I became a mom. Ready for bed? The aim? Signe believes that style isn't … This blog links you to an interactive email course. Digital Magazines, by Becoming Minimalist. When I found out about this lifestyle I completely fall in love with it. This inspirational guy retired at 30, so he certainly knows his stuff! Once you’ve finished decluttering your closet, it’s time to define your style. Streamlined shapes, a small selection of colors and even a bare minimum (gasp!) In 2009, Colin had enjoyed professional success but realized his lifestyle didn’t align with what he actually wanted in life. As the saying goes; “less is more”. Clearing out the “stuff” in our lives, our homes, our minds, and on our calendars is the first step in crafting the life you really want. Stick to an All-White Palette. To date, there aren’t many spaces in the digital mindfulness industry for womxn of color, and... 3. You’ll find many posts about the Black minimalist movement here, but also informative writing about everyday living, such as eating well, summer beauty tips, and travel. If you want to put yourself on the road to early retirement, check it out now. For example, "Focus on choosing pieces that are sleeker, … Mademoiselle is an Australian personal style, beauty and travel blog by Jamie-Lee Burns. Courtney’s also the founder of Project 333, a scheme which seeks to help people wear only the clothes that they love. The minimalist lifestyle isn’t just about a simple design aesthetic. People often ask why you are so dressed up, even if you are in a t-shirt and jeans. To be a much happier mum and live your life with purpose. Looking for tips on how to apply the principles of minimalism to parenting? Courtney Carver is the inspiring voice behind this blog, and she’s teaching people how to do exactly that. The magazine is ad-free and reader-supported. Black Minimalists. Define Your Style. Minimalist fashion is defined by one major principle: keep it simple! The Style: Mid-Century Modern Minimalist. Now it’s so much easier to store with MakeSpace, who handles all the heavy lifting and schlepping without costing more. His content focuses on changing habits in your life, one at a time. My parents’ constant pressure, restrictions to my freedom of self-expression, and disregard for my feelings played a major role in worsening my…, What happens when you separate a movement from its roots? John and Dana use it to share recipes comprising a maximum of ten ingredients, require just one spoon or bowl or require a maximum of 30 minutes preparation time. The distinction between your style and your closet is similar to the distinction between decluttering and minimalism.Your style … You love order, and having a compact, coordinated, minimalist style … About Blog Minimalist men's fashion and lifestyle blog. Just make sure you work in those warm earthy colors, wood tones, and subtle colors to play up a light but warm vibe. You can check out some of her inspirational courses here. Because mid-century modern design is known for its considered clean lines, it’s the perfect go-to style if you’re after a minimalist bedroom. Your go-to destination for minimalist living, style and design inspiration minimalism … Yolanda Acree launched this blog in 2015 after finding few Black minimalist platforms. When it's colder outside and you get … Anthony Ongaro says we do these things just to distract ourselves from discomfort. His posts are comprehensive and detailed, with enough information to get you started on the road to early retirement. "The key is to let the rest of your design elements play a supporting role to the furniture, rather than stealing attention away," recommends a Freshome blog post. Learn how to be more with less by simplifying your life so you can create time and space to discover what really matters. That might look like accessorizing around your more functional pieces, like your couch or dining table. The blog was created by Caroline out of a desire to shop less and find her style. Especially as we leap into 2015, minimalism is top of mind for many. Check out this blog now! She found that Blacks experience minimalism differently from the mainstream and wanted to give voice to those differences. Thank you for your support! Décor experts say that in minimalist style, each piece should serve a purpose. Allie aims to help other moms get past how overwhelming parenting can be. Simplicity is the key to pinpointing this style. Ten years ago this week, was born. This blog is run by a husband and wife team. 4. Love fashion? If you need a little nudge to get started on de-cluttering, make sure you take a look at this blog. And he’s willing to share some of his secrets with you. You should be! It is normally $40 but was on sale for $20 because of the holidays. Minimalist Brand Directory — for standard, petites and plus-size. Deborah Shepherd identifies as a plus-sized fashion model who describes herself as “The Broke Minimalist.” She focuses on minimalist fashion, mental health, and money tips. Minimalist white farmhouse decor is always a style Brittany has been drawn to, opting for a simpler life. While much of streetwear rests on flexing brand status, flashy text and graphics are the exact opposite of the understated minimalist style. A minimal style wardrobe can be one of the chicest choices for women over 40. Joshua Becker, the blogger behind Becoming Minimalist, says that “minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.” So rather than tell you how to create the perfect capsule wardrobe, we’re going to break down the principles of minimalist living so you can experience the sweet freedom of living with less — on your … A minimalist wardrobe benefits everyone, regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle. One of the very well-known minimalist style bloggers, Amy’s outfits nearly always feature tailoring, tailoring and more tailoring – with distressed denim. Finding minimalism in a world of consumerism. While much of streetwear rests on flexing brand status, flashy text and graphics are the exact opposite of the understated minimalist style. If you’re looking to get on board with the minimalist lifestyle, head straight over to No Sidebar. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. 20 Minimalist Fashion … Check it out for delightful images of minimalist spaces, products and designs. The best minimalist fashion blogs boast no-fuss ensembles in a palette of … Layer tone-on-tone textures, like bedding, pillows, throws, and rugs all … That might look like accessorizing around your more functional pieces, like your couch or dining table. Im 18 years old from Peru. This is a step-by-step guide that takes you from clutter to intentional living. A minimal style wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring, on the contrary. Signe Hansen is the creator of a popular fashion blog called Use Less. Don’t get us wrong – we love bold style – but these bloggers are making a seriously compelling case for effortless and minimal style. It features a ton of super helpful lists packed full of tips on how to move pack/move, ideas for home organisation and recommendations of products to help make your life easier. Digital Magazines, by Becoming Minimalist. Ten years ago this week, was born. A problem arises when people start a blog to make money. This plant has now amassed substantial research and is taking the scientific world…, Living in a city definitely has its perks, but the toll it can take on your mental — and physical — health can bring on a number of health concerns…, Everyone manages their anxiety in different ways, from yoga to bullet journaling. It helps me hone in on my true style. Decade of Less.In this celebratory Minimal episode, Joshua and Ryan answer listener questions about the lessons they’ve learned, and what they’ve changed their minds about, over the last decade. Feeling like your family life is a little, well, cluttered? Her story will probably ring true to many of us – spending way too much money on restaurant meals and fast food because she didn’t have time’ to cook, but then complaining about her bad diet and lack of energy to exercise. If you want to find out how to help your young family to live more frugally, this is a great place to start. Reading My Tea Leaves. If you like a little sprinkle of humor on a blog, Mr Money Mustache is a great shout. To give you a little backstory, Elizabeth Suzann was… Keep things clean and simple, and you'll be off to a good start. The author, Zoe Kim, uses her blog to talk about the best minimalism principles to apply to family life. So he got rid of everything he couldn’t fit into a carry-on bag and started traveling the globe. If you’re not ready to commit to the course, you can just read the blog posts and get a few ideas on where to get started. It’s all about decluttering, simplifying and streamlining your lifestyle. This post is the first one I read about minimalism … Joshua Becker, the blogger behind Becoming Minimalist, says that … Check out Rachel’s Minimalist Mom blog. This blog is for you. Fair Trade and ethical shopping have gotten a bad rap for two reasons. Essentially, it’s a blog dedicated to teaching people all about tiny houses. A minimalist aesthetic with a focus on wardrobe essentials and effortless style Her blog helps you get started with meditation, slowing down, and decluttering. Today, the author and speaker continues to publish introspective posts about his experiences and perspective on life, travel, and what it means to live simply. Whether it’s for dietary reasons, or just because you love dairy alternatives, nut milks can be a tasty and healthful addition to your morning coffee…, Sleep better, boost your mood and memory, relieve pain, and more. Simplify Magazine is a quarterly, digital publication that pulls together experts in various fields to address the … After she minimized and decluttered her environment, her life fell into place, too. … About Blog Minimalist men's fashion and lifestyle blog. Adding a level of elegance and simplicity to their look by wearing tailored jumpsuits, crisp white button-downs, or linen dresses in classic … I remember readers commenting that they didn’t have time to make all the DIY hair concoctions I shared on the blog… Cass also focuses on family activities like making a family poster together or a bird feeder in a mug. From art, architecture and fashion to industrial and graphic design, this blog is sure to have something that will interest you. 4. Minimalism here often means tapered sweats, unadorned bomber jackets, and extended shirts that emphasize clean lines. Some have begun addressing the emotional and practical impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on a minimalist lifestyle. This magazine-format blog is a celebration of the very best minimalism in design – both historic and modern.