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Folkdance & Improvisation / Tao Dumur & Roxanne Szankovich

Sat 12. Dec - 14:00
Workshop / Kurs

This workshop, led by Tao Dumur with Roxanne Szankovich (violin), proposes an introduction to French traditional dances with a special focus on the improvisation and the games with the partner inside the frame given by the dance.

The first part is based on two dances; the Bourrée* and the Scottish**. There will be an introduction to their form, how it works and how it feels that will be followed by a playful phase of improvisation with the partner. The second part of the workshop will focus on the “Plinn”, a durational dance from Brittany (North West of France) that has both a “trance” and a “functional” aspect.

This workshop is open to everyone. No previous experience of folk dance or dance in general is required. Bring shoes and clothes in which you feel at ease.

* the ” Bourrée” comes from center France. ** the ” Scottish” is widely danced in all French folk balls and has no relationship with Scotland.

Tao Dumur (FR/AT) fell in love with folk dance and music in 2009 in Montpellier at the chance encounter of people having a ball in the street. Since he is dancing at every occasion and teaching the dances to all who want to learn them.

Roxanne Szankovich (AT) - violin player, singer and workshop leader – has been on stages for over 15 years. After her classical studies on the Conservatory in Vienna she played with pop- and rockbands, worked in close interaction with dancers and acrobatic artists and held numerous workshops concerning musical improvisation. She currently plays traditional European dancing music,Gypsy Jazz, Tango and improvised music in various formations. In her solo project “VioLiebe” she combines the violin with voice.

When: 12/12/2015 14:00-17:00

Where: Brick 5 / Turnhalle, 1150 Vienna

Price: 30€

The workshop will take place from 8 participants.
Info and registration: [email protected] / +43 699 1711 9772