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International Symposium - Music for Dance (European Voices 5)

Di 20. Mär - 09:00 to Do 22. Mär - 15:30

International Symposium

Music for Dance

European Voices 5

Discussions about roles, interaction, intervention and coordinated behaviour in the con-text of
multipart music are taking up more and more space in the discussions of the European Voices
symposia. The particular multi-sensorial and polysemic processes involved in making and
perceiving this music are remarkable and lead to the necessity to puzzle out a complex set of
strictly contextual codes. This is all the more so when considering that each moment of the
musical time is also a social time offered to the senses and directed at the affects (Lortat-Jacob).
Music for dance provides a specific area of research in this framework. It involves soundful
and skilful bodies in action, with additionally exchange dynamics between the protagonists as
well as between their “inner” and “outer” worlds at different stages of the performance. A vast field
of exploration within the local practices in Europe opens up here: from pantomime dances to dance
songs and music for dance performed in different situations and castings, with or without dancers.
At the centre of the discussions of this symposium will be the interplay between the creators of
music and dance and its impact on the ways in which values are shaped in this context.
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Forschungszentrum für Europäische Mehrstimmigkeit
Institut für Volksmusikforschung
und Ethnomusikologie

Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien
Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, 1030 Wien

Organizing committee:
Ardian Ahmedaja, Nora Bammer, Martina Krammer
Daniela Mayrlechner, Ulrich Morgenstern, Else Schmidt


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Tel: (+43-1) 711 55 4201