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Stuart Neville

Sa 06. Okt - 21:00

STUART NEVILLE is a Scottish singer-songwriter based in Vienna, Austria. Gigging solo since 2001 from Greece to Austria, from Scotland to Australia, travelling, grafting, playing and chancing upon far too many characters and friends to remember them all. Performing original songs with strong influences of the grunge and raw indie of his youth, fused with honest vibrancy and the encounters and personalities of his life and travels, he has always kept the acoustic fire burning.

Stuart is also frontman for indie-rock band 'JUDO PUSH' who released their debut album 'FOR THE NORTH' in 2014, supported 'THE NOTWIST' at the end of their 'Close to the Glass Tour' and composed and produced the soundtrack for CINÉMA HUMAINE documentary film 'HORN' in the same year. Stuart is now working on a new collection of songs for an acoustic project alongside guitarist MIKE STARK, with an expected EP release in autumn 2015.