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40 Jahre Tunnel: Orchestra Aleksandar

Sat 17. Sep - 14:00 to 16:00
Austrian Orchestra for Macedonian traditional music and dances

Orchestra Aleksandar is the first orchestra in the history of Vienna
that offers the opportunity for traditional Macedonian instruments to
be learned and experienced. The orchestra is also the only one of its
kind in Europe that exists outside of the Macedonian borders. So it
has a decidedly unique status.

Goal : The orchestra’s dedicated goal is to pass on and preserve
Macedonia’s traditional music heritage and traditional dances.
Researching and presentation of Macedonian music culture and
traditional musical instruments is also a very important aspect which
plays a crucial role in the orchestra structure and organisation. The
pursuit of this concern takes place away from nationalism and profit
motives. On the contrary, music is seen as a connecting element that
should overcome borders on the map and in spirit and touch people’s